The Haematology/Biochemistry Laboratory provides a diagnostic pathology service to a group of medical clinics (including the Melbourne Sexual health clinic) with special expertise in HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and travel medicine.


The Haematology Laboratory provides a 24hr/7 days a week advisory, confirmatory/speciation service on the diagnosis of malaria and other blood borne parasites (eg filariasis, leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis ) for the state of Victoria.

Malaria ICT test and PCR assay (both generic and species specific) are available on request.

The laboratory retains an indexed reference collection of stained and unstained positive malaria blood films for quality assurance programs and educational purposes. Blood in which malaria parasites have been identified is retained for research and development. Malaria positive control material is provided to laboratories and teaching institutions on request.

Laboratory staff are active in programs of continuing education relating to tropical parasitology. Visiting scientific, medical and paramedical staff spend time in the laboratory to receive training in the laboratory diagnosis and speciation of malaria parasites.

All malaria positive specimens are notified to the Department of Human Services, Victoria.