Specimen Collection

MRL Specimen Collection Information

It is essential that the following information be supplied for all Mycobacteriology requests, as the MRL data provides part of the State's TB and Mycobacteria surveillance data.
The standard MRL request form is preferred.
(Available on request from VIDRL – phone (03) 9342 9617)

In addition to the usual information required on all VIDRL requests, the following information is requested where possible:

A succinct summary of the patient's history and findings. This may be important for the assessment of significance of non-tuberculous mycobacterial isolates.

Laboratories referring mycobacterial isolates should also note their smear result (on ZN or AR staining) on the request slip.

Further patient information on prior disease, contacts and treatment, country of birth or extended residence, immunosuppression and other details will be sought on new positive TB and Leprosy cases.