Measles Laboratory Activities


VIDRL performs daily measles serology testing and provides laboratory support for the enhanced measles surveillance program conducted by the Victorian Department of Human Services.

VIDRL also provides confirmatory diagnostic testing of acute measles infection for other diagnostic laboratories in Victoria.

The associated diagram details the clinical symptoms and laboratory investigations relevant to measles infection and the times at which specimens should be collected from suspected cases for prompt and sensitive diagnosis.

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Quality Assurance

VIDRL provides and coordinates the measles IgM quality assurance panel for the WHO global measles laboratory network.

Quality assurance is a critical initiative to demonstrate the integrity of surveillance data produced by the global measles laboratory network.

The annual distribution, analysis and provision of technical advice to countries participating in the WHO measles IgM quality assurance program is essential to ensure high quality laboratory testing, which underpins the global measles control and eradication program.

To date over 100 countries have received and tested at least one panel provided by VIDRL.


QAP panel reports – see download panel