Chlamydia pneumoniae PCR

Test Method
Real-time TaqMan PCR
Specimen Required
Aspirate, Biopsy, Blood (ACD), Blood (EDTA), Blood (Gel Tube), Blood (Whole), Bone Marrow, Bowel Contents, Brushings, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Culture Isolate, Faeces, Fluid, Lavage, Milk, Non-human specimen, Nucleic Acid Extract, Other, Paraffin embedded tissue, Plasma, Plasma (ACD), Plasma (EDTA), Saliva, Scraping, Serum, Sputum, Swab, Tissue, Urine, Virus Isolate, Washings
Spec Type Min
When Tested
On request
Turnaround Time
same day / next day
Reference Ranges
3-45 Ct
Units of Measurement
Related Tests
Paired with C.Psittaci testing
Billing Advice
9342 9628