Human immunodeficiency virus Serology Confirmation

Test Method
Western Blot IgG
Specimen Required
Blood (ACD), Blood (EDTA), Blood (Gel Tube), Blood (Lithium Heparin), Blood (Sodium Citrate), Blood (Whole), Plasma, Plasma (ACD), Plasma (EDTA), Plasma (Lithium Heparin), Plasma (Sodium Citrate), Serum, Cereberospinal Fluid
When Tested
3x weekly
Reference Ranges
neg=no bands or reactivity to p17 only, no other bands, pos= 2 env bands (gp160 and /or gp41 and gp120) and GAG (p17, p24, p55) or POL (p31, p51, p66), Ind= Reactivity to any viral specific band (except p17) but does not meet the positive criteria.
9342 9647 / 9342 9648